This is the place to check in & see who’s around.

Take a moment to sign in & comment about the food-for-thought served here, & suggestions for the menu. Soup de jour? Coming up.

bon apetit!


6 thoughts on “Cafeteria

  1. Hi its me, Bonnitta, the owner and sole contributor of this site. Hoping people will come by and introduce themselves, make note of their visit. I will be trying to post more content over the coming months.

  2. i’ll be there soon.

    Had a heck of an experience with your paper this morning.
    liberating in so many ways and, right back to where it is.

  3. Bonnita, through Facebook and the Maggelan Courses, I’m following some links to get to know you a bit. I got to the horses, read your amasing experiences with the horses, duck and racoon, etc. I haven’t figured out where you live… Is the Kent-place where you work in the UK? I’m not a philosopher, and not a scholar/academic, but what you write about is in much resonance with the experiences I (and the collective Women Moving the Edge) have, and try to write a book about. Looking forward to learn more about you and what you are passioned about. I have a hunch that we approach some similar human potentials, but from a different angle.
    Let’s see where this goes,
    With love form Belgium,

    • Hello Ria, So nice to see you here. I live in Northwest Connecticut. I work in Kent, CT. USA. I saw a little bit of the Women Moving the Edge, but have been so swamped with my Magellan thing — will definitely spend more time investigating. I will attempt to ad an RSS to this site. Give me a couple of hours — I will give you a heads up on FB if I get it done.

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