Welcome to Integral Review of Books

Glad to have you at our table…. Please introduce yourself, let us know your thoughts and interests in the comments sections on this page.


One thought on “Welcome to Integral Review of Books

  1. Hello, my name is Bonnitta Roy– ‘Bonnie’ I live in northwest Connecticut, USA. I am the primary voice here at this blog, and the owner of the website Integral Review of Books dot com. I am a female, 53 years old. My academic background is in Philosophy and neurophysics, but I have been an independent scholar (if you will) for most of my adult life. I volunteer as an editor for the online journal Integral Review (http://integral-review.org) — a place where you can also find some of my writings on integral theory. My ‘day job’ is as an operations manager for a landscape design-build firm (visit http://www.kentgreenhouse.com if you are interested). My avocation is this farm we live on, that we have come to know as ‘Alderlore’ — where we engage horses and humans in meaningful experiences at all levels of being (physical, psychological, relational, subtle energetic, and spiritual). You can visit the Horses at Alderlore at http://www.alderlore.org or join into the happenings of Alderlore at our blog http://alderlore.wordpress.com.

    Happy to meet you.


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